It's time to quit the exhausting self-hate cycle and unlock your best life ever. Don't worry... I'll teach you how to live in your body

for women looking for the key to freedom



Imagine a life where the number on the scale no longer determines your mood for the day and you can look in the mirror and just see a body with no inner body critic telling you it needs to be smaller. You can go on vacation or have Friday nights with the girls and just see food on the plate or wine in the glass, rather than how many calories it is. You can listen to your body and actually hear what it needs. You can live in the moment, on purpose, because you're no longer obsessing over the size of your body. You've left burnout behind because you finally believe that shrinking your body is not your sole purpose for being on this earth, and you know that there's more to life than counting calories and going to gym to punish yourself for what you ate. What if I told you...

It's your time, girl!

Are you hungry for self-love, and craving food without a side of guilt? 

and you're so close you can taste it

This is my life!
And I'm here to help make it yours, too

The way you feel about your body is impacting how you show up in everyday life

You're sick of hearing the same ol "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!" elevator pitch, but yet you always feel like you're falling on and off track with your eating

You want to be able to go on vacation and not let your inner body critic ruin your entire time, or your inner food police make you obsessed with getting back home so you can "get back on track" 

You're dreaming of a day where exercise doesn't feel like a punishment, and you're sick of feeling like you have to choose between going to the gym or hanging out with your friends

You're exhausted from being your body's biggest bully when you look in the mirror 

You're desperate to figure out how to make peace with your body but you feel like you're spinning your tires not knowing where to start

You want to be able to have chips and cookies in the house and not worry you'll eat them all and then hate yourself after

it's time to unlock your best life if...

have to worry about your auntie Becky's wedding taking place during the program and stress over how you'll "stay on track". Say goodbye to feeling like you have to choose between living your life and staying "committed"

you don't...

never feel shame or blame from me, as I work with you strictly from a lens of compassion. We don't do all that toxic positivity, and privileged motivational stuff around here. 
This approach has 7 years of success in propelling clients forward in my Social Work career and I'm carrying it forward into my coaching because... it works! 

You will...

have to have the last supper where you have a binge-fest the week before you start this program in anticipation of cutting out food you love

you won't...

This isn't your typical program because

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because there's more to life than the number on the scale and the calories adding up in myfitnesspal