and end the diet cycle for good

make peace with the food on your plate

over the size of your body,

I help you end your obsession

A 12 week group coaching program for women who want to heal their body image for good, stop stressing about weight gain, and have a life outside of diets

 Body Freedom Breakthrough

It's time to heal your body image and end the diet cycle if...

You feel like your headspace is consumed with thoughts about your body 

It feels like you have to choose between "staying on track" and living your life

You want to remember what it was like to eat without guilt and unsee food as just calories adding up in myfitnesspal

The # on the scale dictates your mood or how you eat

Your body feels like a fixer upper project that's never good enough

Exercise feels like a punishment or calorie burning tool

It feels like your life revolves around your body size

You want to be able to get dressed in the morning without your reflection in the mirror feeling like a trigger

The thought of gaining weight stresses you out and keeps you up at night

because there's more to life than the number on the scale and the calories adding up in myfitnesspal  

silencing your inner body critic

living your life without worrying about the size of your body

having freedom from the # on the scale & myfitnesspal

feeling trapped in your body

stressed over calories

fearing weight gain


Go from

Women who have joined Body Freedom Breakthrough have been able to..

Go on vacation without the stress of food or their body

Stop a body guilt & shame spiral in it's tracks

Choose exercise that they want to do, not what they feel they should do

Go clothes shopping without it triggering a body image spiral

End the binge-restrict cycle and eat in a way that's both satisfying and health promoting

Show up to holiday dinners without worrying about saving up calories throughout the day

End their relationship with the scale and myfitnesspal without feeling like they're losing control 

Eat chocolate and baking without having to worry about finishing every last one in one sitting

Enjoy their life without thinking about their body weight, and never diet again

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You're able to get dressed in the morning without changing your outfit 5 times, and you can look in the mirror without it ruining your whole day

You can go out to eat without having to plug the calories into myfitnesspal aaaand you don't even have guilt afterwards!

You have the tools to silence your inner body critic so a thought about your body doesn't turn into a whole day body image spiral

You can go on vacation and live completely in the moment without thoughts of your body size or weight-gain taking over

Just imagine...

phase three


phase two

You'll rewire your thoughts and beliefs around your body and food, work through your fear of weight-gain, and we'll get into the nitty gritty of re-training your nervous system so you can better navigate (and reduce!) your body image triggers and guilt/shame spirals. You'll have actionable steps to remove the stress from eating, unsee food as calories, and have a healed relationship with the food on your plate

We rebuild your body trust and attunement so you can actually listen to your body and honour what it needs, we transform your relationship with exercise so it's no longer a punishment or calorie burning tool, and you get tools that actually work to learn self-compassion and kindness towards your body

Break in

phase one

You'll unlearn everything you thought you knew about dieting and you'll have a clear path for what comes next after diets. We set the stage to re-wire your nervous system around food and your body, and we'll deep dive into your subconscious beliefs behind your body image struggles


Here's how we do it:

Let's do this

60 minute weekly group coaching calls

Course content released to you each week

A private community with messaging access with me

The spring round begins April 1st 2024

Here's what you get: