don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how.

and end the diet cycle for good

make peace with the food on your plate

over the size of your body,

I help you end your obsession

to break-up for good with your inner body critic, and leave food rules behind so that food is something you enjoy rather than calories adding up in myfitnesspal?

do you want...

stressed AF over how your body looks, but you're so burnt out from the cycle of dieting, then gaining weight, then hating yourself (rinse and repeat), but you can't fathom starting again on Monday?

are you...

that special occasions, holiday dinners, or vacations aren't as fun because you're anxious about what you'll eat, how much, and how guilty you'll feel after?

do you find...

Let me guess, you don't know where to start...

because I used to be you

I get you,

silencing your inner body critic

living your life without worrying about the size of your body

having freedom from the # on the scale & myfitnesspal

feeling trapped in your body

stressed over calories

fearing weight gain


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meet savana

Not only am I a body image and food mindset coach, but I'm also a pizza lover, a Starbucks drinker, a PCOS warrior, a therapist by day (coach by night), a self-compassion and self-care fanatic, and a former chronic dieter. 

I used to be the poster girl for weight-loss, I was the before and after photo that inspired women to try their hand at dieting. On the outside I was motivated, unstoppable, and empowered, but on the inside, I was caught in a cycle of weight-loss defining my success, feeling like a failure when I gained it all back, and ruining my day by stepping on the scale. At the beginning of my weight-loss journey, I said I wouldn't stop until my stomach was completely flat - I thought that I wouldn't discover the secret sauce to life until I got there. It turns out..

a body image and food mindset coach

Hey, I'm Savana!

I wasn't missing out on anything

I'm sharing the exact formula I used to unlock a life where i can look in the mirror and just see a body rather than a project that's never good enough, and eat food thats delicious without feeling guilty AF

YOU DESERVE to live guilt-free

in your body

Yes please!

empower hour

lets do this!

My 1:1 coaching program is designed for women who want to live their life without obsessing over the size of their body, finally end the exhausting yo-yo dieting cycle for good,  and heal their relationship with food so you can eat without guilt.
If you want to live a life of food and body freedom but you don't know where to start... 


Don't want the full program? Let's jump on an empower hour call, where you get 1 hour of my undivided attention to work on either your relationship with food, body image, or body movement. You'll walk away feeling ready to take back your power in your life!

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